Legislature Returns this Week — Weekly Legislative Update from Rep. Tom Young

June 7 to June 13, 2011

The House of Representatives is in session for 2011.   I hope that you find this update helpful and informative:

Supreme Court Rules Governor Cannot Call General Assembly Back:  When the legislature adjourned its regular session on June 2 with plans to return on June 14, Governor Haley quickly announced that she was calling the legislature back on June 7 mainly for the Senate to address 4 pending restructuring bills that had already passed the House.   On Monday, June 6, the State Supreme Court ruled that the Governor did not have the authority to call the legislature back on June 7.  The Supreme Court’s decision can be seen here.  I supported the Governor’s call to return to session last week to pass the 4 pending restructuring bills.  In fact, two (H.3152 and H. 3070) of the 4 bills are bills for which I am the primary author and sponsor.

Legislature Returns Tomorrow:  The General Assembly returns to Columbia tomorrow.  The House is expected to take up reapportionment tomorrow afternoon.

Nuclear Advisory Commission and H-Canyon:   At last week’s quarterly meeting of the Governor’s Nuclear Advisory Commission, DOE representatives presented a power point presentation on H-Canyon and HB Line at Savannah River Site. To see that presentation, go here. Additionally, I told the DOE representatives that the people of Aiken County and the workers at SRS deserve a response from DOE Secretary Chu himself as to the questions regarding H-Canyon and the letters sent to him this past Spring.  Also, I asked the DOE representatives that Secretary Chu accept the invitation extended by our state and congressional leadership for Secretary Chu to visit SRS and H-Canyon before the DOE finalizes a decision on the long term future of H-Canyon.

German American Chamber of Commerce: This past Wednesday, our legislative delegation along with Aiken County Council members and other local business leaders met with members of the German American Chamber of Commerce.  The meeting was to encourage additional German economic investment in Aiken County.  The largest amount of foreign investment in South Carolina originates from Germany.  MTU Diesel, a German company, located a large manufacturing facility in Aiken last year.  We are working to attract additional similar investments in Aiken County.

State Budget:  A Conference Committee from both the House and Senate is meeting to work out the differences in the House and Senate version of the budgets. Their work should be completed this week.

Education Funding in State Budget:  The current base student funding rate (one portion of money from state) for the public schools is $1,618 per student.  In the Senate’s proposed budget, that number is increased to $1,953 and in the House’s amended proposed budget, it is $1,880. It is expected that the Budget Conference Committee will adopt a funding proposal that is somewhere in between the $1,953 and $1,880. According to the State Department of Education, what this means for the Aiken County Schools is as follows:

  • At the current rate of $1,618, the Aiken County school district received approximately $37.7 Million.
  • If the Senate amount of $1,953 is approved, the school district will receive about $43.9 Million.
  • If the amended House version is approved at $1,880, then the school district will receive about $42.1 Million.
  • If a number in between $1,880 and $1,953 is approved, then the school district will receive an amount between $42.1 Million and $43.9 Million.

Resurfacing of Intersection of Silver Bluff and Pine Log Road:  If you recently drove through this busy intersection on Aiken’s south side near the Block Buster, you most likely noticed the ruts in the pavement and the need for this area to be resurfaced.  The SC DOT informs me that this intersection is to be resurfaced later this summer

Flag Day is Tomorrow:  Remember that June 14 is Flag Day in the United States!  Please take a moment tomorrow to display the U.S. flag if you have one and to be thankful for our blessings in the United States.

Help for Displaced SRS Workers: If you or someone you know lost a job at SRS, there is a One-Stop Transition Center open in downtown Aiken at Park Avenue and Laurens Street to assist workers displaced at SRS with finding new work.  The Center is open from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. For more information, visit www.workforce.psa-inc.com.

Aiken County Public Library Summer Reading Program: The annual summer reading program for children through the 5th grade has started at the Aiken County Public Library.  The Program runs through early August.  Children who read the required number of books will receive a medal and a certificate of completion.  Reading is essential to doing well in school.  Please encourage as many young people as you can to read this summer.  For more information, call the Aiken County Public Library at 642-2020 or go to this link:  http://www.abbe-lib.org/ . This program is paid for with private donations from the Friends of the Public Library.

Report Waste, Fraud and Abuse in State Government: To report waste, fraud and abuse in state government, you can call: 1-855-SC-FRAUD.

Roll Call Voting: There is a new link available to keep up with all the roll call votes in the S.C. House.  That link can be accessed at either my website at www.reptomyoung.com or at the www.scstatehouse.gov website.

Facebook: I have a Facebook page for Representative Tom Young. Please “like” the page to receive updates during the week from me on Facebook.

Tom Young’s Website: My updated website can be reached at www.reptomyoung.com. There are links to a variety of constituent services; the status of sponsored bills; and roll call votes. Please add my web site as a bookmark on your computer.

State House Tours:  Tours are available for the S.C. State House by calling (803) 734-2430.  If you schedule your tour on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between now and mid June, please let me know so I can make every effort to see you.

Email Updates:  If you know of people in or around District 81 who do not receive my updates but they would like to, please email their names and email addresses to me.

Road Issues:  If you see a road problem, call the SCDOT at 641-7665 or Aiken County at 642-1532 to report the problem.  If you do not get a prompt response, please let me know at TomYoung@schouse.gov or call me. Generally, most paved roads in the County are maintained by SCDOT and are identified on the road sign poles by a small black and white sign listing the road number, such as S-2-1669. Most unpaved roads in the County are maintained by the County.

Thank you for the opportunity and the honor to represent you.  Please let me know if I can help you in any way or if you have questions about these or other issues. Your feedback is meaningful and appreciated.


Tom Young
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