SCDL an Incentive for Graduation

Bill requires work toward graduation for teen driving privileges

Today, the South Carolina House of Representatives passed a measure (H. 3645) that will create an incentive for teens to work their way towards a high school diploma. In an effort to combat our state’s high dropout rate, lawmakers are seeking to combine a teens desire to drive with their need to succeed in the classroom.

House Speaker Bobby Harrell said, “Dropout rates in South Carolina are far too high and this is a persuasive tool we can use to turn those numbers around. Under this graduation plan drafted by Rep. Tom Young, students will see an immediate consequence for dropping out of high school. Unfortunately, many students do not recognize the long term effect on their lives that dropping out of high school causes.”

The bill applies to South Carolina students below the age of 18 who are eligible and meet all other requirements needed to obtain a SCDL. Students who drop out of school or who are habitually truant will have their driving privileges revoked until they have proven that they are committed to their education and eventual graduation.

Representative Tom Young (R – Aiken), the lead sponsor of the bill, said, “The dropout rate perpetuates social ills such as crime, teenage pregnancy, infant mortality juvenile delinquency and high unemployment. This legislation is not the ‘silver bullet’ to the problem but it is a positive step toward encouraging young people to stay in school and get at least a high school education.”

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