Aiken Standard: Young makes solid candidate

What should we look for when evaluating candidates for a leadership position? Before retiring, I worked for 30 years in manufacturing management and we always looked for individuals who consistently demonstrated sound judgment; problem solving skills; a focus on the objective; the willingness to give the credit for success to teammates; integrity; the ability to work with people with diverse backgrounds and opinions; the willingness to make a decision and stick with it; even temperament when under fire; and good old fashioned hard work. Tom Young stands out in all of these leadership behaviors.

In addition to outstanding leadership qualities, Tom is the only candidate with state and federal government work experience. He worked in Washington for former Senator Strom Thurmond on two different occasions; he has worked for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee; he worked four years for the S.C. State Senate; he was a staff member for former Republican Governor Carroll Campbell; and he was a staff member on the 1988 Republican National Convention Committee in New Orleans. He knows how the machine works and he knows how to get things done. He also knows what changes must be made to the make the machine more efficient.

We have a rare and golden opportunity to select a man for public office who is of strong character and who possesses the leadership skills and professional experience we need representing District 81.
I have known Tom for 35 years and can attest that his track record of experience, leadership and his vision for the state and our district is a cut above the rest. Please vote for Tom Young in the Republican Primary on June 10, 2008. It’s important.

Dean Keaton

Published in the Aiken Standard

Editorial and Opinion
May, 20 2008

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