My Pledge to You

Twenty years ago, I worked at the Republican National Convention in New Orleans when Ronald Reagan was President. Later, I worked on the staffs of both Senator Strom Thurmond and Republican Governor Carroll Campbell. From these experiences, I observed that these leaders had one overwhelming trait in common – the ability to communicate with all walks of life while being steadfast in their convictions. They knew that we needed to build bridges – not tear them down by attacking one another within our party.

When I started my campaign as a candidate for House District 81 in mid February, I made a Clean Campaign/Clean Government pledge. This means that I will not say negative things about the other candidates and I will not tolerate anyone else who does. This includes both anonymous attacks on candidates and any outside special interest group that may send negative, misleading mail pieces to voters in the district. I believe that it is important for those who are seeking elected office to act with integrity. I promise to remain positive and to concentrate on the issues that will move our state and our community forward. I urge the other candidates who are seeking this seat to join me in my pledge.

I hope you join me in supporting my Clean Campaign/Clean Government as I work to earn your vote in the Republican Primary on June 10.

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