Young's character will serve S.C. well

I imagine, or at least hope, that most people in every town in America believe that personal character counts in decisions they make when choosing a spouse, a friend or a political representative. Here in Aiken, we’ve made character and building good character traits the focus of our community, from our youngest, whom we support with character education, to our oldest, who are our examples and have earned our gratitude and respect. With that in mind, I’d like to share what I know about the character of Tom Young, who is seeking the House seat held by the retiring Skipper Perry.

I’ve known Tom well for the five years he has served on the board of directors of a local service agency, and particularly this year as its board president. In that time, I believe I have seen his true character displayed. He has continually demonstrated a caring concern and commitment for the most vulnerable children of our community.

He is always respectful and truly listens to others. He is positive and has a quiet, contagious enthusiasm. He has a can-do attitude that focuses and excites the board, and he is generous with his time and money. He displays an open honesty in all his interactions and a friendly, laid-back leadership style that encourages the contributions of others.

Beyond our shared work with that local charity, I have heard his friends and colleagues describe him as a dedicated, hard-working attorney and businessman and, perhaps the highest praise, ‘a great guy.’ But equally, if not more importantly, I know his parents, especially his mom, Delly Young. Delly and I worked together serving vulnerable children nearly 20 years ago. The character traits Tom embodies were built in the fabric of everyday life in his family. I am proud to know him and to serve our community’s children with him. I believe he will share those same qualities with all the citizens of our community if he becomes our State Representative. I plan on voting for Tom Young and I hope you will join me.

Peggy Ford

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