Do you support increasing the state cigarette tax?

Yes I do. We have the lowest cigarette tax rate in the nation. Raising the
tax will help fix our healthcare crisis.

Do you support the Lottery Tuition Assistance Program for students at
technical colleges?

Yes I do.

What do you think about the stimulus package Barack Obama is recommending?

I don’t agree with the stimulus because I realize that you cannot borrow
your way out of debt. I also don’t believe its a smart financial decision to
run our state with one giant budget annualization that we will never get
again. It will make us dependent on the federal government for handouts.

However, the money being given out by the federal government is OUR money.
We sent that money to Washington and WE will have to pay off the federal
government’s debt. With that in mind, I know that states like California and
New York will take the money and I cannot in good conscience support our tax
dollars going to those states without taking the money provided for SC. We
can use that money to address critical needs including road and bridge
infrastructure; health care; and education.