Important Senate Campaign Update – June 19, 2012

As a safety net to my effort to represent you in the State Senate, my campaign is collecting signatures from registered voters to ensure that I remain on the ballot as a candidate for State Senate in the November 6 general election.  Since starting on June 7, we have reached and exceeded our original goal to collect at least 4,000 signatures from registered voters in Senate District 24!

Our plan is to continue collecting signatures through early next week so that we make sure we have more than the minimum necessary to qualify to be on the November 6 ballot.

Already Signed?:  If you are a registered voter in District 24 and have already signed my petition, many thanks for your help!

Not Yet Signed?:  If you are a registered voter in District 24 have not yet signed, please read below to learn the different ways available for you to sign.

Helping Collect Signatures?:  If you are helping my campaign collect signatures, we will continue to collect through next Tuesday, June 26.  Please turn them in by Tuesday, June 26 if you can. If you cannot, let me know and we will get them from you.

SPECIAL THANK YOU!:  Thank you to all of the people and businesses across Aiken County helping to collect signatures all over the District.  Your hard work is much appreciated!


Sign My Petition:  If you are a registered voter and you live in Aiken, North Augusta, Warrenville, Gloverville, Montmorenci, Couchton, New Ellenton, Jackson, Windsor, or Beech Island, then you can sign the petition.

Where Can You Sign?:  As of today, my petitions are located at the following businesses:

Aiken Locations

  • Tom Young Allstate Office – 1743 Whiskey Road, Aiken
  • Tom Young Law Office – 409 Park Avenue, Aiken
  • Osbon’s Cleaners – downtown Aiken location
  • Osbon’s Cleaners – Centre South Shopping Center, Aiken
  • Walker Crosby Allstate Office – 1890 Huntsman Road, Aiken
  • Ronald D. Lee dental office – 1316 Pine Log Road, Aiken
  • Tal Wilkins’ dental office – Silver Bluff Road, Aiken
  • Southside Pediatrics – 206 Centre South Boulevard, Aiken
  • Material Things – Centre South Shopping Center, Aiken
  • Lionel Smith, LTD – Laurens Street, Aiken
  • Hutson-Etherredge Companies – 129 Park Ave SW, Aiken
  • Floyd & Green Jewelers – 515 Silver Bluff Road, Aiken
  • Vinya’s – Laurens Street, Aiken
  • Folly – Laurens Street, Aiken
  • 3 Monkeys – Laurens Street, Aiken
  • Brooks Financial – Laurens Street, Aiken
  • Stop Light Deli – Laurens Street, Aiken
  • Susan Willis’ Beauty Shop – Bi Lo Plaza – Pine Log Road, Aiken
  • All American Barber Shop – Pine Log Road, Aiken
  • Chesterfield Court Salon – Chesterfield Street, Aiken
  • Wolf Construction – 4259 Whiskey Road, Aiken
  • Aiken Veterinarian Clinic – 1316 Richland Ave. East, Aiken
  • Palmetto Golf Club – Berrie Road, Aiken
  • Wing Place – Pine Log Road, Aiken
  • Malia’s Restaurant – Laurens Street, Aiken
  • Pitter Patter – Laurens Street, Aiken
  • What’s Cookin – Laurens Street, Aiken
  • Best 9 of Aiken – Corner of Pine Log and Demedicis Road, Warrenville

North Augusta Locations

  • Hixon Insurance and Real Estate – 108 Spring Grove Ave, North Augusta
  • Allen Simmons Allstate Agency – 1145 Georgia Avenue, North Augusta
  • Hap Greenway Allstate Agency —  1832 Georgia Avenue, North Augusta
  • Park Pharmacy – Georgia Avenue, North Augusta

Print the Petition, Sign, and Return:  If you prefer, you can also (1) print the petition attached here in your home or office, (2) sign it; (3) write your name, address, date of birth, precinct, and voter registration number; and (4) return it to one of the following locations:

  • Tom Young Allstate Office – 1743 Whiskey Road, Aiken
  • Tom Young Law Office – 409 Park Avenue, Aiken
  •  BY MAIL:  Tom Young, PO Box 651, Aiken, SC  29802

NEED US TO BRING A PETITION TO YOU?: If you want to sign but you cannot make it to one of the places above, please email me back at or call my office at 649-0000 so we can bring it to you.

Volunteer to Help Us Get Signatures:  If you can volunteer to help us get signatures, please email me back at or call my office at 649-0000.

Thank you for your help, your prayers, your encouragement, and your support in this petition effort to ensure that my name appears on the November 6 ballot for Senate District 24.


Tom Young

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