State House Update –Week of April 6-10, 2009

The House of Representatives did not meet this week and will not meet again next week while taking a two week furlough. During the furlough week, I was in the District attending several meetings including the Aiken Sertoma Club where I provided an update as to legislation passed or pending at the House.

I also spent part of the week working on ways to improve the Avondale Water System. I am hopeful that a solution for improving that system will be reached some time in the next couple of months.

I also worked on reviewing current legislation and a bill I hope to file next week establishing a committee whose purpose will be to study and make recommendations for improvements in the State Procurement Code. This Code has not been updated in nearly thirty years and several changes are needed to help the State save money.

As to the state budget, the uncertainty continued again this week. I spoke again with the Governor’s legislative liaison and asked that the Governor provide the General Assembly with a budget that is based on the currently available projected funds for 2009/2010. My hope is for the legislature to know where the Governor believes cuts can be made to fund education and law enforcement at the necessary levels and still have money available to pay down debt. My understanding is that such a proposed budget and/or budget cuts will be provided for consideration this coming week. I am very concerned about the debt that the State is incurring from borrowing federal money each week to pay unemployment benefits.

Several constituents called or emailed me during the week regarding pending legislation and matters in the district including the SRP Credit Union lot being open for private car sales on the weekend; the point of sale property tax provision; the Avondale water system; and funding for K-12 education. I appreciate all of the insight from folks in our district.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent and to serve you.

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