Thank You Aiken! – A Note from Tom

I am truly humbled at the overwhelming show of support in Tuesday’s Republican Primary. Thank you for your vote and thank you for taking us one step closer to victory.

Tuesday’s election has shown the whole state that Aiken is ready for real solutions to the problems facing our state. The people of Aiken have said they want to stop the gravy train that’s wasting our tax dollars and ballooning our state spending. You’ve said you want special interests out of the pockets of Columbia politicians and that our schools aren’t for sale. You’ve said Aiken wants a strong voice for our families, economic growth, and further immigration reform. I’m telling you today that I won’t stop until these things get heard in Columbia, and we’ll get the job done for Aiken and our state.

We’ve gotten through the marathon and I won’t slow down until we’ve crossed the finish line. We were able to come in first in Tuesday’s election with almost 47% of the popular vote, and now we’re in the runoff. With your help, we can get that victory for the people of Aiken on June 24th. I would greatly appreciate your continued support and your vote in the Republican Runoff for District 81.

Thanks again for your help and support!




  1. Melissa Ashley Frady says

    Congratulations Tommy! Honea Path is very proud!

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