Aiken Standard | Editorial: Disregard negative ads

Everyone claims to dislike negative political campaigning, yet the negative ads seem to work.

Negative ads are as much a part of the political scene as kissing babies, sound bites and shaking hands. They prey on fear, innuendo, distortions and sometimes outright lies. They should be dismissed out of hand.

Two local campaigns are receiving negative advertising from a group that calls itself South Carolinians for Responsible Government. This organization is anything but responsible as it spews misleading information about candidates it wants to be absent from the State House.

Mailings were sent out to residents in House Districts 81 and 83 taking to task one of the leading candidates for the Aiken seat and the seated representative in the North Augusta district.

SCRG is a pro-voucher organization that wants to stack the Legislature with others of a like mind. It targets those who have a record of being in favor of public money going to public schools only. And rather than merely supporting candidates it likes, SCRG uses scurrilous negative advertising in an effort to scuttle the campaigns of those it is against.

Hopefully voters in Aiken County are savvy enough not to be swayed by these attacks.

Vote for someone because of what he or she stands for, not because a group with no ties to our county sends misinformation.

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