Aiken Standard: Young has tools to bring service

Tom Young has all the ingredients for serving well in the S. C. State House.

When we elect Tom Young on June 10 to represent District 81, he will deliver outstanding service as he has promised. Tom Young is a consistent man of his word. He is dependable, articulate and, most of all, honest.

What he sees concerning the link between education and economic opportunity in our district is right on target. He knows that in the face of strong competition, we must have an educated workforce to attract the 21st century jobs so vital to our prosperity and quality of life in our community.

Tom Young is already a proven leader. He has the ability, desire and principles to make District 81 and South Carolina a better place to live and work. Tom’s desire to listen to all sides of an issue and work with people from all types of backgrounds will serve us well in the State House and here in Aiken County. He has a stellar track record of service that demonstrates this quality of leadership. His qualifications and positions are clearly delineated on his website – Check it out for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

Tom Young is a man of faith and a family man. He is a man of character and conscience. In short he is everything we could ask for in a House Representative.

Please make the effort to vote in the Republican Primary on June 10 or sooner by absentee ballot. We will send a good man to Columbia – one that we can count on and one of whom we can be proud.

Ron Jernigan

Published in the Aiken Standard
Editorial and Opinion
May 14, 2008

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