Support Young for State House

South Carolina District 81 voters will soon elect a new State Representative to replace incumbent Skipper Perry. On June 10 Republican voters in Aiken County will have an opportunity to select a candidate in the Republican Primary that best understands and appreciates the needs of its citizens, and the quality of life that we enjoy. Of the four Republican candidates, we believe that Tom Young possesses the best credentials necessary to properly represent the citizens of Aiken County.

Tom’s Plan for Palmetto Progress (website: is based on conservative business principles and addresses job creation and economic development, tax and spending reform, crime and safety, conservation and senior care, education, and family values and constituent service. This plan identifies Tom’s commitment to restructure state government, strengthen family values, preserve our quality of life and make our county more competitive in today’s global economy. It’s a plan that we all can support.

Tom Young is honest and hard working, a family man, an Aiken County native, a conservative, a reformer, a business man, a bridge builder and leader. Tom will not only listen to the needs of his constituents, he will truly hear them and act appropriately.
He possesses the many skills necessary to serve the people of Aiken County as our state representative.

We ask you to seriously consider voting for Tom Young as your representative to the S.C. State House of Representatives in the June 10 Republican primary. You will not be disappointed!

James and Phyllis Yerace

Published in the Aiken Standard
May 3, 2008

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