Skipper Endorses Young

Aiken Standard
By April Bailey

Rep. Skipper Perry gave his endorsement to attorney Tom Young on Monday to replace him in the South Carolina House.

Perry attended a meeting of the Aiken Republican Club in which all four candidates laid out their platforms. Joining Young in the quest for the seat are attorney Brad Boni, local businessman John Kelly and County Council member Scott Singer.

Perry said he identifies most with Young’s education platform and his plan for unemployment. “I think he’s got the brains, the maturity, the integrity and the judgment to serve,” he said. “He listens, he’s got a mind of his own and he’s a hard-worker.”

Each candidate gave a brief presentation of why they would be the best candidate to fill the seat held for more than eight years by Perry, who announced last month that he would not seek re-election.

Young called his platform, a Plan for Palmetto Progress. “There are a lot of issues in South Carolina and Aiken County that need to be addressed by state legislature,” he said.

Young also discussed ways to improve education. He said he is an advocate of doing an in-depth analysis of the public education system to monitor where money is being spent. Young said he also supports consolidating school districts to create more resources.

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