Aiken Standard: Young supported for House seat

Back in 1989, I was a freshman at Aiken High trying out for the golf team. One of the first people I met at tryouts was Tom Young. Tom was a senior and we all know how upper classmen feel about freshmen. Fortunately, Tom was not just any upper classmen. He made me feel at ease and we had some great times playing on the golf team. I also remember Tom being student body president that same year. I still remember Tom’s final speech to the student body in which he reminded us of the importance of putting service above self and appreciating the value of friendship. It was very moving and the message has stayed with me to this day.

Tom went on to become the student body president at the University of South Carolina while earning his undergraduate degree. While at USC, Tom served as a page in the General Assembly and later worked on the staff of former Governor Carroll Campbell. In recent years, I have served on the board of directors at Children’s Place with Tom. As a fellow director, I see his concern and compassion for the young children and families served by this worthwhile organization. Tom genuinely cares for the citizens of Aiken County and the State of South Carolina.

Many of our politicians in Columbia have forgotten who they serve. There are too many confrontations and not enough cooperation. If this state is going to move forward, we need people who can work together to recruit new jobs, fight illegal immigration, improve public education, cut taxes, and control government spending. I have known Tom for nearly twenty years and I have no doubt Tom is the right person to represent District 81. My family and I are proud to support Tom Young as our next state representative and we invite you to join us.

Gerry L. Owen

Published by the Aiken Standard


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