Aiken Standard: Young has much to offer voters

Never more than now have we needed someone to restore our faith in the political system.

Tom Young is that person. With the recent disappointments across the country in some leaders both in their public and personal lives, Tom is one whose accomplishments in life through honesty and dedication, not only to family and friends, but also to all the community and especially his church, is unsurpassed.

It was evident early in his life that he was a perfectionist in all he wanted to do. He excelled in all his scholastic endeavors, from kindergarten to being student body pesident at the University of South Carolina.

He is always in the forefront with a meaningful handshake and that sincere, beaming smile while completing every task he undertakes.

Tom Young epitomizes the chivalry of a Southern gentleman, yet other than his accent he could be from any part of our country and realizes many friends from all walks of life.

Tom Young, when in the State House, will stand up for what is right for Aiken County and our state as well. He will honestly work hard for new jobs and to stop waste in government.

Education of our young is a priority in which I feel Tom will make great strides.

I see Tom Young as the new hope to bring Aiken County’s concerns to the forefront in the State House because our area has so much to offer South Carolina.

On June 10, vote for Tom Young to represent our District 81.

Jerry Waters

Published in the Aiken Standard

April 10, 2008

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