Press Release: Tom Young Launches Campaign Website

Uses Blog to Share his “Plan for Palmetto Progress”

Today, State House District 81 candidate Tom Young announced the
official launch of his new campaign website The
website is highly interactive and will feature a blog highlighting Tom
Young’s “Plan for Palmetto Progress”.

“Our state is facing many challenges, and I want to share my plan for
addressing these issues directly with the voters” said Young. “I think it’s
important for people to learn about where the candidates in this race stand
on key issues. If they want to know where I stand on these issues, they can
visit to find out.”

The website features sections detailing his “Plan for Palmetto Progress”,
and his “Clean Campaign, Clean Government Pledge”. These sections include
Young’s ideas for tackling problems like unemployment, access to health
insurance , illegal immigration, seniors issues, and education as well as
Young’s commitment to running a clean campaign during this election. “I’m
running for State House because our government needs change. This website
allows voters to see exactly how I plan to accomplish this,” said Young.

Young also hopes the website will lead to increased interaction with voters
and that people visiting the website will use it to share their thoughts and
ideas about legislation with him. “Serving in the State House is about
listening to people’s concerns, and then taking those concerns to Columbia,”
said Young. “I hope people will share their own thoughts and ideas by using
the website to contact me.”


  1. si lambert says

    what political party are you associated with?

    Your position on illegal aliens?

    Would you vote which way on troop withdrawl in 90days or up to 1 year?

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