Running to share my Plan for Palmetto Progress

I’m running for the State House to share my Plan for Palmetto Progress with Aiken County voters. Having been born and raised in Aiken, I understand and appreciate the quality of life that we enjoy in Aiken County. It is important that we preserve that quality of life but also work to move our region forward.

Based on the conservative business principles of Ronald Reagan and Carroll Campbell, my plan can make our county and our state more competitive in today’s global economy by recruiting jobs, cutting taxes, reining in wasteful spending, preserving our natural resources, fighting illegal immigration, reducing the cost of health insurance, and building an education system that provides a trained workforce. Many people in state government talk about change, but unfortunately it’s followed by inaction while our state remains in neutral. My plan will support efforts to restructure state government and efforts to strengthen family values.

In the following weeks, we will release portions of my Plan for Palmetto Progress. These ideas – many known but some unknown to the voters — will reform Columbia and move both Aiken County and our State forward. We are excited about the opportunity to serve and look forward to taking our message – A Plan for Palmetto Progress – to the people.


  1. Judy Stadler says

    Tom, congratulations on a great website. Best wishes for a good campaign and win.

    Sincerely, Judy Stadler
    aka Chad Tilley’s mom

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